Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating Failure (Causes and Solutions)

Protecting your rubber roof surfaces, like in the case of RVs and other suitable surfaces, requires high-quality rubber coatings, and Heng’s rubber roof coating is the best available coating.

Still, users usually might complain about Heng’s rubber roof coating failure, inquiring whether to opt for Heng’s roof coating or not.

Besides coating, the product also aims to seal seams and tears and protect your rubber surface. However, negligence in using, preparing, and other factors could lead to coating failure.

To get a perfect coat, check out the reason and solution for the problems, and don’t forget to repeat the coating every 03-04 years.

Our guide seems to be the best query-solving guide you would find helpful in many respects.

Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating Failure- Quick Fix

Based on the expert review, we came up with multiple reasons behind the failure of Heng’s rubber roof coating.

The most common ones include a wrong selection of roof surface, product, formulation consistency, weather conditions, poor maintenance, uncleaned roof surface, thick coat application causing flakes off, expired product, old roof surface, non-compatible gadgets, and application method.

Additionally, no proper drying time or consulting a non-expert can make the surface coating fail before it even shows off.

Why Heng’s Rubber Roof Coating Gets Failed After Application- Reasons and Solutions

Seeing your Heng’s rubber roof coating fail might be heart-wrenching because spending a considerable amount of the best available rubber coating isn’t easy to abide by users when gets fails.

However, failure might be the negligence or improper use of the products because any product opted in a destructive pattern or other than its nature makes up the mess, and that may be the case with Heng’s rubber roof coating.

As an expert, we assure you that most problems and failures can arise from the following issues. Get through it and find out which case you are suffering from and how to tackle the issue.

Coating Flakes Off Over Time

Problem – Heng’s rubber roof coating failure. 

Reason – wrong surface, poor coating, wrong application, or old surface.

Solution – Get the right product for consistency with the proper application method.

It looks terrible that after a tiring coating work, the coat flakes off over time, not even being able to spend days before getting worn.

The coating seems to provide years of protection, and seeing such cases can make a user more devastated and curious about the issue.

Flakes seem to be because either the surface you selected isn’t compatible with the coating or the product you purchased isn’t the one you should have bought.

Some local sellers might fool you, so always purchase the best available and warrantied product from the official website or Amazon from trusted sellers.

Old Roof Membrane

Problem – rubber coating gets worn out or flakes off.

Reason – over time deterioration due to environmental stress, poor maintenance, end life.

Solution – roof surface replacement and maintenance.

Another reason for the coating failing would be an application on a surface needing replacement.

Most users complained about the coating flaking off, which isn’t the coating; instead, the roof surface seems old enough and starts to take off with the roof coating.

First, ensure the replacement of the roof surface, and then after getting through it, get a new rubber coating to make it long-lasting with protection from UV and extreme weather conditions.

Despite an old surface, some users reviewed Heng’s better surface coating for the roof surface to carry the layer well, which can be because of proper maintenance and roof care.

So, to make the roof and coat long-lasting and timely maintained is necessary.

Less Versatile

Problem – rubber coating fails, causing poor adhesion or flaking off.

Reason – coating application on an inappropriate surface.

Solution – Choose the right product for the suitable surface.

Each product gets designed based on its nature and the material suitable for coating.

How can you apply a rubber coat on a surface other than rubber? That’s the main reason why Heng’s rubber coating failed. When used on other than rubber-coated surfaces would cause coating failure.

They are designed only for rubber roof coating, especially for RVs and similar roof surfaces.

Now that you have selected the working surface, the fix would be to remove the coating and purchase the one compatible with your roof surface or use Hengs only for surfaces like rubber, especially the TPO, EPDM, etc.

Only Thin Coating is Possible

Problem – coating fails. 

Reason – application of a thick coat.

Solution – Use the right consistency of Heng’s coating and get an expert.

As far as Heng’s rubber roof coating seems considered, they get applied on the surface in thin layers. Their specific formulation, texture, and consistency make it valuable or wasted.

Using a thick coat from Heng’s product could cause the coating to fail and get off quickly after a few days.

We suggest going for a thin coating, usually 2 to 3 coats, to protect the surface from failure or taking off.

A thick layer seems more prone to bubbling and cracking, or sometimes it causes blisters or wrinkles in the coating film, resulting in overall coating failure.

Always ensure the proper coating width; you can get help from an expert or the manual guide you get with the product.

To complete the job perfectly, you must hire a professional expert to avoid coating failure and future issues.

Application method and time

Problem – coating failure.

Reason – wrong and less application time.

Solution – use the correct method and gadgets and provide full time to get it to settle.

A user did the coating in a single day, and the next day, it started to fail, leading to numerous flakes removed from the surface.

Another user used the same product but precisely coated the roof surface and completed the task in almost 03 days, giving proper time between coating applications.

And here, the significant point was the second user didn’t notice any flakes. So, the improper use of the product and not giving sufficient time could also be the most common reason for coating failure.

Ensure the use of the correct method and provide an overnight time to let the coat dry effectively before going for a second coat.

Tip: It might take almost 03 days to apply the coating actively. (User review)

Weather Conditions During Coating

Problem – coating failure. 

Reason – unfavorable weather conditions.

Solution – Coat on unambiguous, dry, and average temperature hours.

Have you gotten through any issues related to your coating failure?

If not, then no worries! There are some other issues, like coating in terrible weather conditions.

In a harsh weather storm or rainfall, the roof coating can fail because Heng’s rubber coating requires clear, dry weather conditions to adhere to the surface and get dried quickly and effectively.

To fix the issue of coating failure, you must always select a day considering weather conditions that there is any rainfall or weather change for nearly two days before and after the coating.

Let the layer get in dry, clear weather to avoid the failure issue.

Wrong Preparation

Problem – coating failure

Reason – wrongly prepared product

Solution – Opt for the manual to formulate the suitable consistency coating.

Improper preparation seems to be the other most common factor for coating failure.

If the user isn’t familiar with the required coating consistency, it might lead to the wrong preparation, and the coating can cause loss within a few days.

So, to avoid wasting your money, time, and energy, always consider the manual for proper formulation and the gadgets required for coating to prevent huge losses.

Per gallon, Heng’s rubber coating costs around $ 65$, so always consult an expert for the task if you cannot do it alone and not waste your money.

Un Cleaned Roof Surface

Problem – coating failure.

Reason – dirty surfaces.

Solution – Clean the surface before coating.

Some users might not know the use of Heng’s rubber coating on the rubber surface, and they could try the layer on the surface that does not get properly cleaned, which is wrong.

Before coating, you must actively and efficiently clean the surface and remove any dust, debris, and particulate on the roof surface.

Once your roof gets adequately cleaned, the next step would be using rubber coating to cause surface protection.


Now that you are well familiar with why Heng’s rubber roof coating fails to select the product with the right factors might be easy to make the coating last longer.

Always ensure the suitable surface for Heng’s rubber coating because any negligence would directly make you lose all your money for the product, along with time and energy.

If you aren’t good enough to complete the task, consult an expert team to carry out coating; otherwise, coating failure seems much more prone to engaged conditions.