Elastomeric Roof Coating Problems (Guide)

Elastomeric roof coating is a liquid adhesive coating applied on flat roofs to eliminate the issues of cracks and crevices, along with maintaining a rubber-like solid surface to avoid water entrapment or water leakage from the roof coatings. But are you familiar with elastomeric roof coating problems? Elastomer is not just a single name; it … Read more

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Silicone vs Acrylic Roof Coating: Which Is Better?

When protecting the integrity of a flat roof or metal roof, the selected coating plays a vital role in everything from aesthetics to weather resistance. Two common options, acrylic and silicone roof coatings, bring unique chemistry. Acrylic coatings, often chosen for their pleasing appearance and cost-effective nature, must contend with issues such as brittleness and … Read more

Can you Paint Over Silicone Roof Coating? (All You Need to Know)

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How does Solar Reflective Roof Coating reduce Energy Consumption?

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Most Common Silicone Roof Coating Problems – Everything you need to know!

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Is TiCN Coating Good for Aluminum? (Full Guide)

TiCN or Titanium CarboNitride is a carbon coating mostly used in place of Tin (Titanium Nitride). Having a blue-grey tint, it has a hardness of about 3000 Vickers. Moreover, TiCN has an operating temperature of 750 degrees. But is TiCN coating good for aluminum? A TiCN coating has a fine structure that provides remarkable toughness … Read more

What Size Staples for Roofing Felt? (Answered)

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How to Remove the Henry Black Roof Coating

Did you get your Henry black roof coating in places you did not want it to be? It is alright. Although it is a high-tensile product, you can still get it off when you want to remove it. Here’s an in-depth guide on removing Henry’s black roof coating if you have made a mess. First, … Read more