How to Remove the Henry Black Roof Coating

Did you get your Henry black roof coating in places you did not want it to be? It is alright.

Although it is a high-tensile product, you can still get it off when you want to remove it. Here’s an in-depth guide on removing Henry’s black roof coating if you have made a mess.

First, you cannot clean the coating with water and soap.

It is essential to know that you are working with rubber-based materials and can not scrub them off unless you want a long and hard task just for nothing.

The Area to be Cleaned

The area that needs cleaning is important, too. How you clean it will depend on what you are cleaning.

It depends on where you spread the coating and where you want to remove it. You can clean the area depending on its texture.

For example, if you want to clean the shelves, roof, or flat surfaces, then a scraper can be used, and you can retouch the area with paint or further coating.

You will need a fabric dipped in kerosene or thinner to clean the tools.

You can clean paint buckets or other fittings around the roof with a metal brush or scraper with a little thinner.

Materials you need

You will need a spare fabric and a cleaner to clean it. Alternatively, you can also use a scraper and some kerosene with a fabric.

Paint thinner and other spirits can work fine as well. You will need a waterless cleaner because the coating is water-resistant, and you will have problems removing it, as mentioned.

In a nutshell, you will need:

  • Some kerosene in a spray form
  • If kerosene is liquid, you will need a nozzle or dropper
  • Some paint thinner or spirit can do the trick as well
  • Waterless hand cleaners such as a sanitizer
  • A piece of cloth
  • Some scraping tools, such as a scraper or metal brush

How to Clean the Henry Black Roof Coating

You need to wet the fabric by dipping it in thinner or spirit. Next, you can use the fabric to rub on the surface that needs cleaning. You will have to rub until the surface is clean enough.

If you use a nozzle and a bottle of kerosene, spray or drop the liquid on the surface and use a scraper or a brush to remove and dissolve the coating.

When done, it should look tidy. The remains can be removed with a lint-free fabric. You can wear gloves to keep your hands safe from the spirit you are using.

If you have to remove the coating from your hands or skin, you can use baby or mineral oil.

Rub and scrub until it is out. Water will not help dissolve the coating, but you can use water to remove the remains of the oil and rinse your skin.

Removing Black Roof Coating from the Roof

The coating should not be hard to remove if you are unsatisfied with the results.

You can remove the areas that do not look tidy with spirit and a scraper. The rest can be retouched and reapplied to make it look neater.

If need be, you can paint the surface again with other contrasting colors to add tidiness around the edges.

It is easier to scrape and dissolve the coating than use the fabric to remove it from a larger surface, such as the roof.

You can use a spray spirit to spread the spirit across the area evenly, but you must buff out the coating using a fabric or a larger mop.

The remains can be repeatedly scraped using a fabric or a rough stainless steel buffer.