Henry Roof Coating for Asphalt Shingles (Guide)

Living in North America or parts of the world where asphalt shingles seem a good choice for roofing provides immense benefits because these roofing materials add aesthetic appearance and are long-lasting and protective.

Over time, the material may get granulated or become prone to mold growth. So, what’s the fix for it? Should I replace the shingles? No way! Try out Henry roof coating for asphalt shingles.

Henry stands out as the number 01 top brand for professionals and experts dealing with roof coating of a versatile nature.

The Henry coating provides better longevity and high UV and environmental stress protection for shingle roofs.

To get in-depth details for Henry products for shingles coating, follow the guide till the end to make an excellent selection for the roof type.

Henry Roof Coating for Asphalt Shingles – Quick Fix

Henry offers the best roof coating products for different roof types and materials, including flat and pitched, cement, clay, fiberglass, asphalt shingles, and many more.

For asphalt shingles, the best product seems to be the shingle Guard 612 and 812, providing better weather resistibility and adding 05 years to the life of shingles.

The shingles remain intact without granulating and add a clear and aesthetic appearance. To know the products in detail with the application method, review the guide until the end.

What are Asphalt shingles? Definition and brief Explanation

Before finding the best products for Asphalt shingles, let us know what Asphalt shingles are and which roof type the Asphalt shingles suit.

Asphalt shingles are known as composite shingles or composition shingles because they comprise cellulose mat and Asphalt along with other materials that, in combination, provide rectangular designed shingles made to overlaid on other shingles on the rooftop to get a specific array of shingles.

One of the most common roof types in North America, and nowadays, many homeowners prefer asphalt shingles for their home exterior pitched roofing for many beneficial reasons.

But still, they are prone to damage, cracks, and environmental stress, so they require sealers or protective covering to increase longevity.

They are straightforward to install, and the cost compared to other living systems is less; well, these single ones get established so that the triangular potions overlap on the next one, ensuring secure fixing and definite roof design.

Why do Asphalt shingles Require coating?

Why has the need to coat asphalt shingles become crucial for many homeowners? Asphalt shingles are waterproof, but environmental stress weakens the shingle’s strength and capabilities over time.

Because of that, negative consequences arise for which coating becomes a top priority to enhance the longevity along with no extra cost for replacement of shingles required.

Using roof coating will ultimately increase the overall solar reflectivity, with no harmful effect on the shingles due to UV or other harmful rays.

Besides that, the shingles are resistant to leaks, fungus, and mold growth.

Which Coating is Best for Asphalt Shingles?

Versatile roof coatings are available, but the Henry roof coating for asphalt shingles is the most compatible elastomeric roof coating, either acrylic or silicon, based on your preference and expert suggestion.

They tend to provide a rubber-like coating that enhances durability and protection from environmental stress.

Using elastomeric coatings is easy, and no extra equipment is required. Our brand for today’s coating selection will be Henry Roof Coatings, which provides durable and worthy roof coatings for all roofs.

Best Henry Roof Coating for Asphalt Shingles – Henry Approved

612 Shingle Guard 100% Acrylic Clear Coating

Using 612 Shingle Guard™ is beneficial for asphalt shingles in providing a clear coating that prevents granules from falling apart, reducing granule loss.

The coating also prevents the shingles from getting damaged by solar degradation and harsh environmental conditions in the form of wind, sunlight, rain, snow, mold growth, and many other factors.


In terms of consistency, the Henry roof coating for asphalt shingles provides an excellent layer covering around 200 square feet, considering 1 gallon for a smooth surface and approximately 100 square feet per gallon for rough surfaces with a porous or rough substrate.

The shingle coat can enhance the longevity of the shingles for almost 05 years, and after the warranty, another coating would again cover the following years.

Based on the dimension of the overall roof, consider purchasing an adequate product amount.

The solution can be applied using a hand-operated or automatic spray gun to make the Coating process faster and even quicker. Allow the coat to dry properly.

Besides the asphalt shingles, the product seems worthy of other roof materials, including fiberglass, concrete, clay, slate roof type, and low-sloped mineral surfaced roll roofing.

Apply to coat neither too low nor too high; go with 30 degrees to ensure a firm coating.

Henry is the choice of experts to make it through the shingles to return the lost moisture with protection from harsh environmental conditions.

Whether it’s a hot sunny day, rain, or snow, the shingles keep shiny and transparent with no mold growth for up to 05 years. Go for acrylic elastomeric Henry coatings to eliminate dirty, leaky shingles.

How to Use Henry Roof Coating (Step-by-Step Procedure)

Henry roof coatings for asphalt shingles are easily applied by following the simple, handy procedure, but ensure the desired requirements before that.

1. Requirements

  • Water spray gun
  • Henry asphalt coating (for instance, we have taken acrylic)
  • paint roller
  • plastic push brush
  • Bleach
  • Water/garden hose

2. Physical examination

Before applying the Henry coating to the asphalt shingles, first ensure that your Asphalt shingles are clean and free of dirt, grime, dust, and other unnecessary particulates.

Measure the dimensions and shingles to purchase the desired coating amount to cover the whole shingles without any issues.

3. Clean up the shingles.

As time has passed, the shingles become full of dirt and grease, so to clean them, you need to take the water spray gun and add a definite amount of water or connect it to the water hose system with the addition of any cleaners or bleach.

Despite that, some users go with a blower first to remove all the dust and particulates on the shingles. It’s your choice which method you follow, but it should result in a clean surface.

4. Spraying water and bleach solution

The solution would help remove grease, molds, and dirt by applying pressurized spray on the roof shingles to make them damp and perfectly clean.

Start from one end of the shingle roof and go to the other in a row. Once you get done, leave it for 15 minutes so that the particulars of the grease is soft and removed.

5. Scrubbing the shingles

Take a brush and scrub to remove the leftover dirt over the shingles to get them completely neat and clean shingles. Be careful while scrubbing. Do not damage the singles.

6. Let it Dry

Please leave it to dry during that time; now, you must apply the coating solution to the Asphalt shingles.

Leave for the desired time until the shingles dry out completely; the coating can cause moisture treatment. Be careful with the drying.

7. Coating solution Spray Application

Take your pump and add the coating solution to it. Now the Asphalt shingles are dried, take spray and start spraying the coating over the shingles in a definite pattern.

1st coat layer

Once the 1st layer of coating is applied, wait till it gets dry for almost four hours.

2nd coat layer

After that, apply the second layer of Henry coating. The reason is that the first layer might get absorbed into the shingles; how to have a counter layer, the second layer would act as a protective layer.

8. Let it dry

Leave the second layer to dry for almost 01-04 hours, depending upon either condition.

9. Result

You seem done with your job creating a fantastic aesthetic-looking Asphalt roof shingle with maximum protection and enhanced longevity because of an effective and easy method.

There is no need for a shingle replacement; apply the clear coat and return the shingles to new.


  • Apply sealant in a single layer, but the second layer would appear more appealing and protective for cosmetic appearance.
  • Do not apply the coat until the weather is dry enough. If chances of rain in the upcoming 12-24 hours seem predicted, then avoid going for shingle coating.
  • Coating the shingles isn’t suggested below 10 degrees and above 60 degrees.
  • Avoid heating the coating container.

How Long Does the Henry Roof Coat Last for Asphalt Shingles

The use of Henry coatings would not only increase the flexibility but provide long-lasting protection.

Depending on environmental conditions and the coatings type, the layer offers a maximum of 05-10 years or up to 20 years.

It’s not the end! When the Coating warranty ends, a new coat is easily applied to make them back to new and enhance the overall shelf life of the shingles.

Benefits of Henry Roof Coatings

  • Henry coating prevents the roof asphalt shingles from the following:
  • Prevent harmful sunrays/ UV rays from affecting the shingles
  • Make the roof mold, fungus, and other biological resistant
  • Enhance the roof longevity
  • Help the roof to abide the harsh environmental conditions
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs
  • Provides years of protection

Disadvantages of Henry Shingle Coating

With numerous beneficial aspects, the coating does have limitations and may resist the following drawbacks. 

The most common problems reported by the users after applying asphalt shingle coating to their roods caused the shingles;

  • Shrink-off over time.
  • Prone to curling, cupping, or loosening.
  • Effects prevalent more on granular structures
  • Coat cause vapor retardation in the form of a layer due to the tight sealing of voids.
  • Users also reported that if moisture gets trapped, it may cause rotting of the underneath material.

So, care is a must while sealing or coating the asphalt shingles. Try first to fix the leaky and open voids to avoid such consequences later.


Henry stands among the top rands referred for coating roof types and comes in versatile products, each designed for a specific roof material type; among them, the clear coat and Henry roof coating for asphalt shingles seem the best.

Some users also go for Henry Tropic Cool Gray coating, but remember, Henry doesn’t suggest its use of the shingles roofs.

So, remember to select the best cost compatible with your roof type. We hope you get all the relevant info about the Henry roof coat for shingles and the application method and benefits.

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