Tectum Roof Deck Problems (Detailed Guide)

Tectum is a rooftop deck solution by Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions that offers a cost-effective roof deck installation option.

Although installing Tectum roof decks has several advantages, constructors, and homeowners have experienced some Tectum roof deck problems after installation.

Some benefits of Tectum roof decks are good acoustical control, smooth installation, and a surface easily nailed for membrane application.

However, despite these advantages, many people complain of some Tectum roof deck problems and obstacles.

Here are some problems commonly associated with Tectum roof deck and their solutions.

Common Tectum Roof Deck Problems

Tectum roof decks have been used for a long time and were widely used decades ago by schools to save costs on roof decks.

 However, over the years, homeowners and constructors have observed some problems associated with Tectum roof decks that are given below:

  • The roof deck’s wood fibers are prone to water damage. This means that these fibers are not resistant to water and cannot stand much water penetration
  • The shingles of roof decks usually disintegrate faster, and there are visible signs of premature wear on these shingles
  • The attics built with Tectum roof decks often get molded and rusty owing to water damage and the inability of the decks to stop water from seeping in
  • Due to the water damage, roof trusses of the roof decks may get rotten or damaged.
  • Insect infestations are common owing to water damage, and water stains are visible on the ceilings and inner walls.

Causes of Damaged Tectum Roof Decks

Most of the roof decks last over 20 years, but the strength and durability of these roof decks vary depending on the local climate, quality of installation, and the material used.

Nevertheless, roof decks can get damaged for various reasons, some of which are explained below:

  • Heavy snow loads can damage the roof decks considerably, mainly when snow accumulates on the roof surface for an extended period.
  • Due to high winds, roof deck areas can get damaged where shingles are missing.
  • Ultraviolet deterioration is another significant cause of damaged roof decks.
  • Sometimes, inadequate and insufficient venting in the interior attic can lead to moisture accumulation, leading to roof deck damage and warping.
  • Although solar panels are an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint, they can pose a damage risk to roof decks. The roof-mounted solar panels are bulky and heavy, and the weight can cause the roof deck to warp or break.

Considerations to Prevent Roof Deck Damage

Here are some considerations and solutions to prevent roof deck damage:

  • Make sure your roof is durable enough to support a deck. To check this durability, assistance from a professional may be required.
  • Check the roof’s durability and strength before installing the roof deck. A roof must be strong enough to support nearly 55 pounds of the deck for each square foot.
  • Get a permit to install a roof deck from your local building authority, which may include submission of a detailed drawing.
  • Consider the type of railing you will need for the roof deck. Various railings, such as wrought iron, sticks, or stone.
  • Weather and the local climate play a big part in ensuring the durability and strength of roof decks
  • The performance and longevity of roof decks can be affected due to the accumulation of water, as well as thermal expansions and contractions
  • Make sure your roof can withstand water and is capable of supporting a deck without causing any leakages
  • In case there is a probability of roof leakage, consider designing your deck yourself
  • Consider the color, material, and build of the roof deck that you are choosing to install, as these can affect the look of your home interior
  • In case of roof deck damage, consider consulting with repair specialists skilled at roof deck repair.
  • Ensure proper certification backup of the roof deck installation company you wish to choose, as an absence of proper certification could lead to problems in warranty claims


Tectum roof decks are commonly used as a design option to enhance the roof appearance of homes and offices.

However, homeowners, contractors, and builders often complain about Tectum roof deck problems.

These problems can be avoided or solved thanks to repair options and the availability of many roof deck installation companies.