Does Lowe’s Deliver Shingles to Roof? Here’s What You Need To Know!!

Lowe’s Corporation is a renowned name in the roof shingles business, offering a variety of roof shingles to choose from.

But does Lowe’s deliver shingles to the roof?

Lowe’s is famous for offering dozens of shingles from Owens Corning, one of America’s most popular manufacturers. One of the Lowe’s provides a few ridge and laminate shingles.

However, homeowners and constructors wanting to install Lowe’s roof shingles are curious about the delivery of roof shingles to their homes. So, does Lowe’s deliver shingles to the roof? Let us find out.

Does Lowe’s Deliver Shingles to Roof?

Being one of the leaders in the home improvement business, Lowe’s is renowned for selling home renovation and repair items.

Initially, Lowe’s did not offer delivery of its items to customers, who had to drive long distances to get their required items.

Today, as competition increases, Lowe’s has expanded its services to include delivery of items like the Home Depot.

The answer to whether it delivers shingles to roofs or not is yes; Lowe’s delivers shingles to roofs across America, thanks to its wide network of warehouses.

Delivery Options at Lowe’s

At Lowe’s, different delivery options are offered to customers based on their membership with Lowe’s. The delivery options available to customers at Lowe’s are:

Standard Shipping:

This includes delivery of tools and small items that arrive at a customer’s doorstep within four to five working days after placing the order. Moreover, free shipping is available to customers if the order exceeds $45.

Bulk Shipping

This type of delivery is available to customers who are not members of Lowe’s. Labeled as “Large and Bulky Shipping Service,” this type of delivery contains items weighing more than 150 pounds.

Unlike standard shipping, free delivery does not apply to bulky shipping except for a few items. Still, a customer can expect his deletion in two to five working days.

Delivery of Multiple Items at Lowe’s

If you are a regular customer at Lowe’s, you may have ordered multiple items from this retail store. Delivering multiple items at Lowe’s is carried out with utmost care and supervision.

Sometimes, the items ordered by customers may not be present at Lowe’s store nearest them. In these cases, different Lowe’s warehouses, located strategically, work together to complete a customer’s order.

As these items arrive from different locations, customers do not get them at a time. Another thing worth considering is separate shipping charges for all these different packages.

But these shipping charges are not meant to increase the end cost to the customer. The total shipping cost equals the shipping cost applicable if multiple items were ordered from the same store.

How to Order Delivery of Roof Shingles from Lowe’s?

If you are a homeowner or a constructor, chances are you have applied for delivery of heavy roof shingles from Lowe’s.

In the case of heavy items such as roof shingles and boards, standard delivery options do not apply.

Trucks are the most common mode of delivery of Lowe’s shingles from the warehouse straight to the customer’s doorstep.

To order roof shingles delivery with the help of trucks, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose your preferred roof shingles and the truck delivery options at the checkout.
  • Enter your address or a new one if you have changed it.
  • If there are any special instructions for delivery, enter these instructions in the option given on the website (such as the access code to your office or home).
  • Selecting the delivery date and time is available under the Delivery Details section.
  • After you checkout with your order, the system at Lowe’s will calculate the weight and the delivery charges you need to pay when the truck arrives at your destination.

Since you are ordering bulky items from Lowe’s, you need to enter the delivery time and date details as a non-member of Lowe’s according to your schedule and presence at your desired place of delivery.


Lowe’s Corporation is one of America’s biggest and most popular home improvement stores.

Offering a wide range of items such as roof shingles and construction materials, Lowe’s has a wide network of delivery services across the country.

But does Lowe’s deliver shingles to the roof? The answer is yes; Lowe’s offers delivery of shingles at reasonable rates with the help of trucks to all locations across the country.