5v Metal Roof vs. Standing Seam (In-Depth Analysis)

When comparing a 5V metal roof vs. a standing seam, a little extra attention automatically goes towards 5V, as the name seems appealing and technical.

However, this is not the case; 5v is just the name given to this specific metal roof because of the five layers on which it is based.

The 5v metal roof contains five layers of creases, all V-shaped, which in particular added the alphabet V with five. Simultaneously, a standing seam metal roof is one of the most popular, high-quality roofs available.

Its sleek and attractive design enhances the look of the house or building more when used.

The quality and longevity of standing seam are unbeatable as other competitors have failed to provide such durable metal roofs to date.

5v Metal Roof vs. Standing Seam

5v metal roof vs. standing seam is worth discussing; both metal roofs are good enough to be used.

However, the vertical seam is for high-budget projects due to the high price of this metal roof, while 5v is for low-budget projects due to the low price.

The standing seam charges a high fee due to the quality and longevity it provides to the customers, while 5v does not offer equivalent quality and longevity.

The article will further discuss both roof details in more depth.

What Is Meant By 5v Metal Roof?

5v metal roof refers to the roof based upon five creases, all in the shape of V.

Thus, the name 5v appeals to the customers initially, but when they dig into the meaning of this metal roof, they know that 5v does not link with the technology.

So, the 5v metal roofs have 24 inches wider profiles while some are small in size with just 16 inches of narrowness.

Twenty-four inches is standard, while 16 inches is preferable for short-height and tiny homes. 5v metal roofing is one of the most reliable roofs available in the market; they are known for their best relationship with the coastal areas.

As in coastal areas, wind, temperatures, rain, and unexpected weather changes mostly occur. 5v is best to deal with these weather conditions and is preferable to people living at coastal and other exceptional features 5v.

Features Of 5v Metal Roof

5v has numerous features that make it a distinct and exceptional metal roof.

The people of coastal areas mostly prefer 5V, but the use is not limited to coastal only; others also go for 5V metal roofs. Below are the features that 5v metal roof offers to its customers:

  • 5v deals in a vested way with heavy rains, storms, pelting, and unexpected weather changes, which shows this roof’s high quality and durability.
  • The installation cost of 5 metal roofs is not so high as this roof does not contain any complex or high-ended components to be dealt with during installation.

  • The fastener needs to be hidden, but the 5v metal roof has fasteners that are exposed openly over the purlins.

  • 5v offers a warranty of around 40 years, which is more than enough, though the warranty is only about paints or corrosion failure.

What Is Meant By Standing Seam?

Standing seam is one of the prevalent roofing types in the market, mainly used commercially and at individual levels.

This roof contains two vertical-shaped legs, which are attached from above and below and have a vast and flat distance between the two legs.

Fasteners are hidden adequately in the standing seam, unlike the 5v metal roof, and are not exposed in the front.

This roof has exceptional quality and is getting excellent reviews from the current users in the market.

Fasteners, when not exposed openly, are good to have many benefits as they don’t get in contact with wind, storms, moisture, and rain directly, which otherwise could have reduced the life of the fasteners.

Standing Seam offers a warranty to its customers for weather-related issues, in which it is stated that if a standing seam’s metal roof gets affected by a certain weather, then the company will be responsible for replacing or resolving it.

However, this warranty is not offered by all companies in the market; those who offer it are distinct and reputable manufacturers.

Features Of Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roof is one of the popular brands of products available in the market. Thus, its features are exceptional and are not offered by every metal roof.

Below is the overview of the features that Stan seam metal roof possesses;

  • Fasteners are completely hidden, which increases the life of the fasteners and keeps them safe from direct exposure to wind, moisture, storms, etc.
  • Manufacturers of standing seam roofs offer weather-tight warranties, which are unique and only offered by reputable companies.

    However, these warranties have one condition attached to them, and this is it is only available to be used for commercial projects.

  • The standing seam has a feature of moving if attached with a clip. This means that the roof allows thermal movement to be done in case it is required to do so.

  • Longevity depends upon the type of roof and the quality of its material; a standing seam is a metal roof that more or less has a longer life than other types of roofs.

    Moreover, its fasteners are hidden, which keeps them safe from wear and tear, leading to a long life span.

  • Standing Roof has the honor of satisfying and clearing the quality test set by the industry leaders. This assures the high quality of the roof.

  • The sleek design and range available in every color make this metal roof an eye-catching thing on the rooftop of the house or building, gaining popularity in the market.
  • Architects prefer standing seams as they take less effort to be used on complex and simple roofs.
  • Perhaps, with such exceptional features, Standing seams came up with a higher price, which led the architecture to choose another more budget-friendly option.

Comparison Of 5v Metal Roof Or Standing Seam

The 5v metal roof vs. standing seam is worth comparing and discussing as both tops have some similarities and are unique.

Below are some points that outline the similarities and differences between both tops.

  • 5v metal roof is budget friendly while standing seam is a bit more expensive.
  • The quality of the roof is the most important thing. 5v is of good quality, but the standing seam is of the exceptionally best quality roof, which even has a certificate for its high quality.
  • Durability requires high expense for once, but maintenance and renewal expenses later fall; 5v does not have a high life span compared to standing seams.
  • The design of the standing seam is very sleek, attractive, and adorable compared to the simple design of 5v.


In light of the above article containing a detailed comparative analysis of 5v metal roof vs. standing seam, a conclusion can be drawn that 5v and standing seam have pros and cons.

5v is preferable for budget-friendly projects, while standing seam is recommended for high quality and affordability.