Most effective Metal Roofing Screw Gun in 2023

The roof of your building is one of the most crucial parts. It protects you from the elements and keeps you warm.

If you are working on a roof, you must ensure you have the right tools for the job. A Best screw gun can help you to complete your metal roofing project with minimal effort, but only if you have the right one.

The tool is easy to use and can be operated by one person alone or by two people working together to accomplish the task.

Easily one of the most straightforward tools on the market, it can be used repeatedly.

Keep your roof in good shape with the help of one of our top-rated screw guns for metal roofing.

Best Metal Roofing Screw Gun
Dewalt 20V MAX No 1 in best screw guns
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Makita XSF03RX2 18V Drywall Screwdriver Kit
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Milwaukee 2866-20
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DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun
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Chicago Pneumatic – Air Screwdriver
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Best Screw Gun For Metal Roofing –Buying Guide

Like most specialty tools, there are certain technicalities that an average homeowner might not know.

Be a professional is a bit confused about the newer items in the market, or maybe you are not clear about the features and relevant attachments of the screw, or the gun, then frets not as, in this buying guide, we will provide you with the features you will be looking for in a tool gun or a screw gun.

When choosing a gun, you should at least have some basic knowledge about the important parts of a screw gun. Without any further due, let’s get into the details.

A. Motor type

Whether brushless or cordless, the motor is the heart of the screw gun, and gun capabilities depend upon the fitted engine.

The type of cordless motor is good if you are looking for something more powerful.

The motor’s rotating power enables you to work it according to your needs.

For example, the brushless motor helps you have less friction and an even finish in your work. The brushless motor reduces wear and tea,r, making power use way less.

B. Speed

The tool’s speed depends upon the gun’s weight and tensile strength according to your roof type and surface.

So if the weapon’s speed is too much, then the surface of the metal could be damaged, or the rate is too low; it might be that the gun does not even penetrate inside the metal surface, so a good adequate rate.

For example, like the Dewalt 20V, the gun’s speed is 4400 RPM is a really good speed to work upon.

C. Weight

You do not want a heavy and tiring machine in your hand, especially when you are already doing something that requires a lot of physical strength, so you should look for a screw gun that is lightweight, compact, and manageable.

The feel should also be good. We mean, like you do not want a cactus in your hand, do you know? The product should be easy to use and user-friendly.

D. Power

Batteries, DC, and much more are all ways to power a good screw gun.

But,t you need to choose the gun according to your needs or suit your power resources.

The weapon should also be power effective, like you don’t want o waste double the money on a screw gun, right, so energy effective and cost-saving is the most durable and reliable gun.

E. Price

The price of the machine matters a lot, too. Look for a budget-friendly tool with all the right features that does not feel like a huge chunk of your savings has gone to the dump.

Like ours, Dewalt is an excellent choice for drywalls but also very budget-friendly.

F. Auto feed feature

Yet another very well-needed feature in a screw gun, this feature allows you to work seamlessly and smoothly. The screws are stored in the weapon,

so as you work on your roof, the head of the gun is automatically backed up by the screws that are stored, so you do not need to load the weapon every time you want to use it.

Be careful when choosing a screw gun, which can make or break the feature. It is the weapon.

Metal Roofing Screw Gun

1. Dewalt 20V MAX No 1 in best screw guns



The Dewalt metal screw gun solves every roofing and plumbing problem with its durable and lightweight design.

The crown for the best screw gun goes to DEWALT, so no snickering and fighting with the old screwdrivers and drill machines when you have DEWALT in your arsenal.


The unit has a built-in brushless motor that reduces friction, which means it will take much less power from its batteries and will last way longer than most screw guns.

Very powerful throws ensure that that screw that nails or staples with ease or ( any burglar that comes your way) is too home alone for you. Yeah, I thought so anyway; the point is that this is a high-speed machine.

The tool delivers about 4400 RPM of speed while ensuring a smooth tightening of the screw; the steadiness of the device will give you a consistent screw depth so that any scratching of the surface is completely prevented, and when you are working with the metal roofings this is always a plus.

Dewalt 20v is battery operated, so there is no mess of wires whatsoever; furthermore, the Versa-Clutch System helps prevent damage to any surface, especially metal, because one of the major concerns of professionals is that the character might get damaged.

So, with this gun, you can throw all those concerns out of the window.

You can even work in the dark or at nighttime with this machine; the machine is fitted with LED lights that help light up the dark surfaces, which gives you a better view of the surface.

So, if you choose this, you might want to do that before stock runs out, as this is a customer favorite.

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  • Led lights
  • Prevents energy loss due to a brushless motor.
  • Consistent speed
  • Separate battery
  • Poor quality nose shaft


2. Makita XSF03RX2 18V Drywall Screwdriver Kit


Voltage 18 Volts
Speed 0-4,000 RPM


The Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Plasterboard Screwdriver is ideal for a dependable and robust screwdriver.

The equipment was created with experts’ needs in mind, and its high degree of performance and adaptability make it a popular option among contractors and construction professionals.

The notable feature of the Makita XSF03Z is its brushless solid motor, which provides higher power and efficiency than traditional motors while remaining cooler and providing up to 50% energy efficiency.

The engine has a maximum torque of 4,000 RPM, making it excellent for fast and effectively driving screws into the plasterboard.

What makes the motor so efficient is the use of a BL brushless motor, eliminating carbon brushes that do the long-term running of the tool with less battery usage and more quiet operation.

The Makita XSF03Z is lightweight and small, weighing only 3.8 pounds and 8-7/8 inches long, making it ideal for use in confined areas and overhead tasks.

The small shape also improves control and balance, especially when working on delicate or complex tasks.

With the addition of unique features like Push Drive Technology, the Screwdriver motor is run when fastened, enhancing the user’s overall protection during tool usage.

Additionally, the technology adds a quiet working feature that prevents nearby people from getting disturbed or detracted while reducing the chance of high battery consumption.

Its high performance and durability make it unique, achieved by incorporating Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), which keeps the tool dust and moisture-free, enhancing longevity and working duration.

So, despite the job task, whether it’s metal framing, decking work, subfloor installation, or baker board, using the 18 v drywall screwdriver is all set to complete the task.

The Makita XSF03Z also has an adjustable nose piece, allowing you to alter the screw depth for improved accuracy and control.

With a flexible nose piece, the screws are easily secured to any surface and are considered versatile for multiple uses.

The tool also includes a convenient belt clip for simple storage. An 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery powers the device, providing long-lasting power and excellent performance.

In terms of battery, the buildup is simple to change, which makes it simple to maintain the equipment functioning smoothly and effectively.

Remember, With the drywall screwdriver, you won’t get any battery, so purchase it yourself.

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  • Hand powered Durable and Compact design
  • Battery level indication-3-stage LED gauge
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Built-in LED light
  • Get continued use with the Lock-on button
  • Only Tool


3. Milwaukee 2866-20



Tired of your old drill machine running loose all the time and need to buy a new screw gun but feel like a newbie in this industry? Fear not, as Milwaukee 2866-20 will rescue you and not let you down.


The Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun is powerful for professional drywall construction operations. This one-tool gadget is designed to make screwing in plasterboard quick and easy.

The power state brushless motor has incredible power, delivering 4500 speed and torque for various applications. As a result, this screw gun provides exceptional strength and precision.

With fewer than 03 pounds, this gun will solve most of your roofing problems, making this tool the lightest and most compaction on the market, giving you high performance every time.

You will instantly feel the quality of the materials in your hand as you pick it up; the sturdy materials provide this product maximum productivity while accessible on the hands. 

The perfect blend of performance and durability make this our second-best screw gun for metal roofing.

The depth adjustment mechanism is one of the features that distinguishes the Milwaukee 2866-20 from other screw guns.

This function guarantees that the screw is put at the proper depth, preventing damage to the plasterboard surface. Moreover, the consistent speed and in-depth stability make working on metal surfaces a dream.

It can screw about 3,400 screws at one time, so there is no question about the efficiency of this machine. The front LED is excellent for working in low light and dim surfaces.

With an AutoStart mode, the tool enhances the safety feature, and unless the screen comes near, the wall motor starts limiting the chances of damage.

Additionally, the feature reduces noise and improves productivity by 03 times higher. What makes it unique is the addition of an LED that focuses on the work done in dark, confined sites, making it a convenient tool.

It supports 135° and 180° angles so that you can perform better in tight situations, and the semiconductor motor produces about 6Nm torque speed to produce an actual 5,00 RPM speed.

The ripping is also pretty good and handy. This screw gun also features a belt clip, so you may keep it within arm’s length while working.

The lack of a battery, which must be purchased separately, is one disadvantage of this screw gun.

Obtaining the battery and charger required to power this gadget might be costly.

For purchasing batteries, try out M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries because their compatibility with all M18 batteries is verified, which ensures delivering 64 sheets of power to the tool, making it run long.

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  • Lightweight; portable
  • Flashlight as LED
  • Handy
  • In-depth screw stability
  • Not battery operated
  • Battery not included


4. DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun



If you are earnestly looking for an auto-feed gun, you are in for a treat, as this gun will provide that and much more. It is a complete package but the older version of the updated DEWALT.


The motor of this screw gun is brushless and much easier to use and work with; due to this technology, the weapon will also use a lot of electricity to save time and the cost of your power.

The handle of the gun is made from Helica material, which is heat resistant and will make your tool last much longer.

The versa clutch feature will provide safe and easy torque management, allowing you to get into tight spaces and narrow lengths. This will, in turn, make the tool’s movability much easier.

The high-powered motor is very efficient with its high speed and longer nose length.

The design is compact, and the trigger is pretty smooth so that you do not put much pressure on the motivation for it to work and will also not fatigue your fingers. It is an affordable and versatile option for your roofing.

Therefore, this is a very powerful and versatile option for many professionals.

Dewalt is made of high-quality rubbers and premium material that gives you a good feeling in your hands.

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  • Durable
  • Power-efficient
  • Strong motor capacity
  • Difficult user manual


5. Chicago Pneumatic – Air Screwdriver (Optional)


Power Source Air Powered
Speed 1700 RPM


The Chicago Pneumatic Air Screwdriver is a high-quality tool with unique features and excellent performance.

With built-in high-tech, the screwdriver is intended for professionals who need to operate with precision and speed, limiting the additional heavy-duty tool usage.

Regarding the overall build, the Chicago Pneumatic Air Screwdriver is composed of high-quality materials that make it long-lasting and sturdy.

The tool’s excellent grip makes handling simple and provides superb balance. The body is built of light metal, making it lightweight and maneuverable.

The tool is solid and capable of producing a lot of torque, along with a variable speed trigger tool that allows users to alter the screwdriver’s speed.

Additionally, the function will enable you to change the pace to meet the needs of your project.

The motor is built to be robust and efficient, delivering consistent torque and speed throughout the application.

It has a maximum RPM of 1000, allowing it to do jobs swiftly and effectively.

The screwdriver also boasts an ergonomic design that improves comfort and a quick-change chuck that simplifies changing bits.

The noise level of the Chicago Pneumatic Air Screwdriver is one of its most notable characteristics.

Because of has a lower decibel level than other screwdrivers in its class, it operates peacefully without causing any disturbance.

Automotive, industrial, and construction professionals will appreciate this screwdriver.

It is ideally suited for jobs requiring precision and speed, such as assembly or screw fastening.

Unique features make it an ideal choice for these applications because of its strong torque production and high RPM. However, the tool appears designed for low to medium-duty rather than heavy-duty tasks.

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  • Lightweight and ergonomic grip
  • 28-volt air-powered durable screwdriver
  • 03 versatile air inlets
  • 01-year warranty
  • 8.9-66.4 torque, and 1000 rpm
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Require an air compressor to operate


Additional Features Check Before Buy

Regarding plasterboard installation, a dependable screwdriver is a must-have instrument.

Consider a few things before purchasing a regular plasterboard or air screwdriver. The additional features might include:

A. Additional performance and power

The screwdriver’s power will influence how quickly and effectively it can drive screws into the plasterboard.

A more powerful screwdriver can handle thicker drywall and handle longer screws.

Look for items with high RPMs, torque, and changeable speed settings. Remember to check whether it comes with a battery. The battery is pivotal in running the tool.

B. Build-in LED lights

Check out the screwdriver with build LED that would help you continue work even at dark sites or in case it’s night.

It comes under additional features and might not be available in all screed rivers, so if you want to enhance your working experience, try having the one with built LED for outstanding work in the dark.

C. Ergonomics

Before considering a good screwdriver, ensure the tool has an ergonomic grip, is lightweight, and seems easy to maneuver.

A soft-grip handle reduces hand fatigue and improves control. Additionally, you can check out the anti-vibration function that will help avoid long-term harm and ensure tool usage safety.

D. Warranty

Always check out the warranty period before purchasing a screwdriver.

Mostly, you get a 01-year warranty, and in case of a manufacturing default, you can quickly contact customer service and get a replacement.

 The higher the warranty period, the more durable the tool will last longer.

E. Versatility

A multipurpose screwdriver can help with project management. Before purchasing, choose the one with replacement bits or many speed settings for increased control and adaptability while enhancing overall efficiency.

Users can choose configurable depth settings, which allow them to change the depth of the screw without changing the bit.

Remember that The more versatile the screwdriver is, the more value it will provide in achieving your tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a screw gun?

You can select a screw gun according to your needs and the requirements of the work you are going to do with that. You picked a weapon with all the right features, such as good power, speed, and torque force.

The screw gun you choose would be the foundation of the structure you will build, so professionals and homeowners look for something sustainable and reliable that will last them long but get the job done.

Why do screws back out on a metal roof?

They back out because they are not tightened properly and require a certain bit of tool to remain fixed.

Another reason could be that the ice or snow corrodes the screws, and over time, they back out of the roof normally; metal roofs are very low maintenance and protect the house well, but due to pollution and rust, sometimes they come out of the roof.

This is also a tyranny of time because the tightness and screws come out of the metal r as time passes.

What screws are best for metal?

If you are dealing with metal and want to be secure, you can use the self-drilling or self-tapping screws.

These are the most popular drilling screws without a pilot hole requirement. Without a pilot hole, you can get metal cut through and quickly secure it or fasten metal to wood.

What screws are best for steel?

To fasten steel materials, you only need to opt for stainless steel screws that are durable and robust inaction with excellent corrosion resistance that lasts the screw for a long time.

Among stainless steel screws, you will come across multiple grades but make sure you get the Bi-metallic screws that seem more common and popular options and are 304 grade with a silver coat and carbon steel tip.

Additionally, you can also try using self-tapping screws for steel.

What screws do you use for metal roofing?

The type of screws used for metal roofing will vary depending on the material.

Roof screws with neoprene washers and a self-tapping design are often suggested because they create a secure fit and help avoid leakage.

Zinc-plated screws may also be appropriate for specific applications where you galvanize screws.

Keep in mind that the tops of the screws must be the same color as the metal roofing to avoid the odd appearance, maintain the roofing aesthetics and beauty, and keep the surface secure and long-lasting.

What screws to use for metal roofing?

Among multiple screw types, a few are best for metal roofing, including self-drilling, galvanized steel, self-tapping, ceramic-coated steel, stainless steel, plastic-coated steel, and metals like aluminum to keep the roofing secure and avoid any safety issues.

The screws are versatile because of the kind of metal used in your metal roofing.

Make sure you select the screws primarily compatible with the metal opted-in roofing to ensure the perfect match and keep the roofing aesthetic the same as before.

What screws are used for metal?

Among the popular ones, users mostly opt for Self-tapping screws to secure metals. For surfaces where the drilling can attach a nut to the rear end, self-tapping ensures comes into action.

Self-tapping screws are built to create self-threads in the metal or other materials and help them stay fixed over other surfaces or materials.

Moreover, you can try them for many different characteristics besides metals, including versatile plastics like fiberglass, plywood, and polycarbonate. 

Along with that, self-tapping screws secure cast metals, irons, brass, aluminum, and brass easily without any inconvenience.