Find the Perfect Shears for Cutting Metal Roofing (Comprehensive Guide)

-A pair of shears is essential for anyone interested in DIY or handyman work. You can’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of shears when cutting through thick fabric or metal roofing.

We have compiled a list of the best shears for cutting metal roofing. If you are looking for the best shears for cutting metal roofing, this guide is designed for you.

Best Shears for Cutting Metal Roofing
Dewalt metal shears
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Wen’s 3650 metal shears
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Makita JS3201 Shear
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Genesis GES40 metal shear
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Fein Nibbler BLK 1.3 CSE
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Wild Edge Electric Metal Shears
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Vevor Metal Nibbler Shear
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What Types of Shears are Used for cutting metal roofing?

Metal shears allow you to cut precisely in a straight and clean manner. They are optimized for cutting metal and tough surfaces with higher tensile strength.

This tool is handy for construction as it gives you the precision you need to build tidily. You can use these to cut metal roofing and help with other DIY projects.

The shears work like scissors and operate well on thick metal sheets, metal fittings, or other high-duty abrasion-resistant materials that may need high-performance cutting.

You can use this on any type of metalwork, such as railings, rods, and grills.

The metalwork requires melting or welding to mold them, but the shears allow you to cut through without making unwanted, messy cuts.

Having sharp and resilient metal cutting shears on hand will save you energy and unwanted cuts.

You must choose a product with a quality gauge rating and excellent motor power if you use them for a whole house roof cutting or construction project.

You can use the shear based on the type of metal you are cutting to make the most of your equipment and optimize the time taken in their construction.

How to choose shears for cutting metal roofs?

Here is a quick explanation of the factors you must investigate before buying your metal shears.

These are, namely, the motor power, gauge rating, and the power source.

Motor Power

An electric motor is what will make your job easier. It reduces the need to see the metal pieces in place mechanically.

You can make precise cuts using the motor’s power rather than your body weight and a physical power-sourced tool.

Each shear will come with its amperage. You can choose from 4 amps and 5 amps options.

Cordless options come in motors that are battery-powered. These come in volt-based sizes.

The voltage offered by the motors will vary from 12 volts to 20 volts. The higher the amperage or voltage offered, the higher the shears can adhere to.

Power has a direct relationship with the performance of the machine. So you must choose the right power for your project.

Gauge Rating

The gauge rating will give you insights into which materials it can use.

The gauge will come in different shapes and sizes, giving you an understanding of the support metal thickness.

Some shears can offer 14-gauge metal support, while others go up to 20-gauge metal.

Lower gauge ratings allow you to cut thicker metal pieces. In contrast, higher can cut thinner materials like metal sheets that are not as dense.

Power Source

For every type of shear, whether corded or uncorded, you can use it on a direct electricity supply, i.e., in a wall socket.

However, if a hanging loose cord is not your style, you may be able to use a corded shear on a direct power supply through a power plug.

This allows you to enjoy direct power. Direct power allows you to not worry about changing your device.

While you can use the cordless shear without worrying about whether it is charged, that is not always ideal.

A cord can interrupt your performance by becoming a hurdle in your workspace. It can tangle up in other items around your work shed, which can be an unnecessary nuisance.

Battery function frees your device from hanging cables, making it easier for you to work in peace.

This also makes your device portable, as you can grab it to work anywhere you choose.

Many cordless options offer competitive power and strong motors. However, when you are out of charge, the cutting is not likely to work properly.

The Best Shears for Cutting Metal Roofing:

Here’s the list of the top shears known for cutting metal roofing. Let’s get started on those and see which fits your needs most.

1. Dewalt metal shears


Dewalt metal shears are one of the oldest yet safest options. They come with a large range of attachments. You can use them to cut, design, and smooth metal edges per your requirements.

The Dewalt unit will have a 360-degree swivel head and a 20-volt motor with great power.

These are cordless, so no loose wires or cables are hanging on the floor. It also has a built-in LED light that lets you enjoy a clear flash on your work, even in darker areas.


If you are looking for a shear set that can do it all, then invest in Dewalt. It has a good reputation for supporting the multiple purchases of batteries and attachments you must make to put the set together.

You can easily adjust this to match your needs and update the tool kit as you progress in your projects and ventures.

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  • Offers cordless operation without compromising on the power of the motor
  • Has a built-in LED light for use in darker areas
  • You can use this to cut at a radius of 5 inches
  • You will have to buy the battery and attachments separately

2. Wen’s 3650 metal shears


Wen’s 3650 metal shears with gauge rating support for 18 and 20-metal rating types.

You will be able to use these shears on top of the machine and use it to cut up to 2,500 strokes per minute.

This speed allows you to wrap your project up before your expected time and with great precision.

You can use this if you want a corded 4 amp motor that works like a star.

The swivel head will turn 360 degrees with ease. You can use it to work anywhere; you only need a wall socket to operate it.


The power tool allows you to cut with precision wherever you need.

You can use the swivel head and the lightweight construction for long periods without straining your arms or wrists with pressure and manual bending.

This is a great tool if you need a metal shear that cuts precisely and does not mind the hanging cords.

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  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for a compact grip
  • Has a safety lock on the machine to prevent unwanted cutting
  • This is a corded option, so it does not work with a battery rather than with a supply from a wall socket.


3. Makita JS3201 Shear


Makita JS3201 Shear is a 10-gauge shear that allows you to cut some of the densest metal sheets and pieces.

This is a professional tool that you can add to your toolkit when doing a lot of projects or upgrading to a professional scale of work.

Makita is one of the fancier options. It offers a heavy-duty cut and a lot of power consumption. The cutting shear reduces human effort to the bare minimum.

This has earned the machine a great reputation over time. In addition to great performance, it also offers a low noise performance whereby the noise is kept to the bare minimum.

It allows you to cut thicker gauge metals with the same smoothness as it cuts thinner options.

The machine also minimizes the material loss when sawing into the metal, resulting in accurate estimates and sizing.

Verdict The Makita JS3201 Shear is a great addition as a professional tool. It allows you to work seamlessly.

You can use the metal shears to work on demanding projects. This has a 6.2 amp motor that will help you cut faster and easier.

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  • One of the lowest gauge ratings means the thickest metals can be cut
  • Allows noise reduction when cutting
  • A great fit for someone looking for a professional machine
  • It’s not suitable if you are looking for something cheap. This is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum.

4. Genesis GES40 metal shear


This Genesis GES40 metal shear is a great option for low power consumption and electric bills. You can use this for all DIY metal projects.

It offers support for cutting 14 gauge metal, among other things. The gauge allows you to cut thicker metals as well as thin sheets.

This versatility is great when adding a diverse tool to your home tools kit.


Adding the Genesis metal cutting shears is a great choice if you want the best shears for cutting metal roofing as a DIY project.

This allows you to work with the comfort you need without spending much on the electric bills.

You can easily use this on multiple settings, allowing you to work seamlessly wherever and whenever needed. It can be a great addition to your home tool kit.

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  • This allows you to cut thicker and thin metal alike
  • It has a variable speed; you can use the swivel head to work seamlessly
  • Three metal cutting heads reduce abrasion and allow greater ergonomic support when cutting through, reducing the pressure needed from you
  • Has a 4 amp motor; other options come with larger motors, hence greater power.

5. Fein Nibbler BLK 1.3 CSE


The Fein Nibbler is a fast work alternative to many other tools. It allows you to cut through metals at a high pace.

You can use this to cut pipes, sheets, and profiles of varying sizes. This allows you to work on metal roofing, among other projects.

The Fein nibbler cuts quickly, allowing you to work fast. The construction of the machine is ergonomic and lightweight.

The metal shear has a safety feature that prevents unwanted scratches in places you do not want them to be.

You can cut, chip, smooth, and finish your metal roofing. The machine can be used to cut seamlessly.


You can work fast and work with ease. The metal shears are helpful to work with easily. This is great if you are looking for an option that helps you with multiple projects.

All of this allows you to work around the workspace with minimal interruption.

The power consumption is lowest. So, this should be a great addition to your tools. This is not a great choice if you are looking for something professional.

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  • It has one of the lowest power consumptions for metal shears.
  • You can choose from a wide range of add-ons to make this further helpful for your projects.
  • There is a 16 ft + cord that helps you use this easily around your workspace.
  • Lightweight and easy to hold for longer periods.
  • This is a corded option, so you will need a direct power supply.


6. Wild Edge Electric Metal Shears


The Wild Edge Electrical Metal Shears have a swivel head and a 5 amp motor. You can use this to help you on projects demanding metal cutting ranging from 14 gauge to 15 gauge stainless steel.

This unit will save you time and energy. The unit has a 3-blade metal head that comes from three sides to prevent material loss and generate high-volume cutting momentum.

This allows you to work faster and exhaust less. It is a great option for a metal roof.


The only possible issue you can face with these shears is that they are a corded choice. You will have to worry about the loose cable.

However, using the cable carefully on an organized desk will not be a problem.

You should look for other options if your needs are of gauge ratings that are lower or higher than your needs.

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  • Ergonomic construction designed for your two fingers
  • Comes with a lock-on power switch and a variable speed that you can customize according to your needs
  • It can work well for roof and flashing metal materials, both
  • You can get up to 2400 strokes per minute
  • Offers a large lifespan to help you with your projects
  • This is a corded option

7. Vevor Metal Nibbler Shear


The Vevor Metal Nibbler is a high-powered shear motor with attachments that let you work on your project without worrying about the power you are getting from your tool.

It is highly optimized for heavy-duty construction projects such as handling an entire roof.

One of the best things about this is that all tools, attachments, and parts you require to complete the job will include it.

You can cut metal at a speed of 1000 rpm without material loss or sparking.

It has a basic 360-degree swivel head that helps you cut in any angle you need to with minimum effort.


If you need a solution for your roofing that does not waste your investment and are looking for a multipurpose nibbler, then this is it.

It will allow you to cut PVC pipes, metals, and other materials.

You can enjoy a great deal of DIY projects with this diverse option. The motor offers 635 w of power, making your job easier in no time.

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  • Ergonomic construction for long work sessions that do not strain the hands or arms of the worker
  • You can replace the blade with an accessory or blade alternative whenever you need to
  • This can be used on plastic, metal, or other materials like aluminum
  • This is a corded option


Final Verdict

The ultimate best shears for cutting metal roofing are the Genesis GES40 metal shear set.

It is easy to use and versatile. The equipment will fall between professional heavy-duty options that consume much power and very low-powered items that are better for crafts.

The Genesis shears are your thing if you want the right balance between performance and power consumption.

You can use the Fein Nibbler to lower energy consumption and help with minor projects.

Other options, such as the Makita or Wild Edge electric shears, can be very helpful for use with demanding projects.