Does Home Depot do Rooftop Delivery?

Home Depot is among the largest hardware stores in the United States. Home Depot is well known for its easy delivery policies, offering hardware goods for residential and commercial purposes.

But apart from traditional delivery methods, does Home Depot do rooftop delivery? Just like other household items, customers of Home Depot hate long queues and shipping delays.

Customers rely on Home Depot’s quick and efficient delivery methods to deliver their items quickly to their homes and job sites. Initiated in 2018, Home Depot opened about 150 supply chain facilities all over the USA.

But does Home Depot do rooftop delivery? Read on to find out.

Does Home Depot do Rooftop Delivery?

The recent pandemic has disrupted many businesses’ shipping and courier methods worldwide. But it has also opened doors for quick and easy shipping methods that have not been explored.

Rooftop delivery is one of the latest shipping methods practiced by retailers nowadays.

However, Home Depot does not follow the rooftop delivery method since it delivers heavy hardware items, including roof shingles and boards.

It relies on curbside delivery for bulk items, while for smaller items, it opts for standard ground shipping methods and expedited delivery options.

Delivery Methods at Home Depot

Home Depot believes in providing customers with convenient, quick, and easy delivery options. These are some of the delivery methods offered by Home Depot.”

  • Curbside delivery for bulk and heavy items
  • Standard on-ground shipping for smaller items
  • Online delivery ordering and delivery options
  • Distribution centers are located at strategic points in the cities from where customers can easily order for delivery at their doorsteps.

Ways to receive Home Depot Deliveries to your home

Home Depot upholds the same-day delivery policy that prevents its customers from going through the hassle of waiting for weeks to get their orders.

To get your items delivered to your doorstep, here are some of the things to consider:

  • Open the Home Depot website and browse through the items available
  • The online Home Depot app is available on Android and iOS devices, where users can log in to order their items
  • The Home Depot website offers an option of same-day or standard delivery that may take 3-4 days. For bulky items, trucks deliver goods to home addresses for bulky items within 3-4 days of ordering.

  • Same-day, quick, easy delivery options for smaller items, such as drills and tool parts, can be ticked.
  • Since Home Depot delivers bulk items and hardware products, it is not easy for the store to use rooftop delivery methods as it is expensive and may take some time. It will also be difficult to deliver heavy items through rooftop delivery methods.
  • Some deliveries may go to the Home Depot stores to be processed, while others may get delivered directly to customers’ homes.

Advantages of Delivery methods at Home Depot

One of the main reasons why Home Depot has such a huge customer base is that the store has every household use item available–from drills to rooftop boards and carpets–Home Depot has it all.

As part of its convenient and quick delivery methods, Home Depot has curbside delivery methods and online delivery options that customers can use to get their items delivered to their doorstep.

Here are some of the advantages of using Home Depot’s online and on-ground delivery methods:

  • Long and arduous waiting lines are avoided thanks to online delivery options
  • The online delivery methods allow heavy items to be delivered straight to the customer’s door without renting a big truck.
  • A customer can browse many items online to choose exactly what he or she wants.
  • The easy online ordering interface of the Home Depot website allows users to go through all the items available at the store as well as allows them to place an order easily.
  • Home Depot’s “same-day delivery” option allows customers to get their orders if they have ordered on the same day–saving time and costs.

Warranty and Costs of Home Depot Delivery

The warranty and return, as well as the exchange policy of Home Depot, are quite straightforward as long as the items are in transit and are being transported.

However, once the customer receives them and the receipt form is signed, the items are the customer’s responsibility, and the Home Depot warranty will not cover any damage.

The costs of Home Depot delivery are quite affordable and easy on the pocket. Free shipping is provided for small items above $45.

If a customer has ordered items worth less than $45, a standard delivery fee will apply to the order based on their nearest store, weight, and location.

Home Depot charges an additional delivery fee for heavier items such as home appliances and lumber. Nevertheless, this delivery fee is still cheaper than other home appliance and hardware companies.


Home Depot is among the largest hardware stores in the United States.

Home Depot has quick and efficient delivery methods and policies to provide ease and convenience to its customers, and people often question, “Does Home Depot do rooftop delivery?”.

However, since the items ordered at Home Depot are usually heavy, it is not possible to do rooftop delivery for them. Hence, Home Depot does not offer rooftop delivery options.