Asset Roofing Services Review

Asset Roofing, led by an ex-Marine who deeply imbibes the values of preparation, fortitude, and integrity, has crafted a noteworthy reputation over 15 years of service in the roofing industry.

Their distinctive approach to roofing solutions in Snohomish County, Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland transcends traditional boundaries, fostering relationships rooted in trust, value, and professionalism.


  • Honest Pricing: Asset Roofing’s approach of providing upfront, accurate, and realistic quotes eliminates fear of cost overruns.
  • Timeliness: The company values customers’ time and commits to strict adherence to project timelines, minimizing disruption to daily routines.
  • Open Communication: Daily progress reports ensure transparency and help build trust with the client.
  • Accountability: The company’s strong stance on accountability ensures high professionalism and quality in their work.
  • Respect for the Client’s Home: Asset Roofing recognizes that their worksite is the customer’s home, and they take utmost care to maintain cleanliness and respect the premises.
  • Safety: They have stringent safety protocols and carry comprehensive insurance to protect their team and clients.

Employee Culture: Asset Roofing nurtures a culture of encouragement and promotion, contributing to higher service quality.


  • Pricing: While their Honest Pricing approach is laudable, Asset Roofing acknowledges that they may not be the cheapest option in the market, which may deter cost-sensitive customers.
  • Geographical Limitation: Currently, the company’s services are confined to Snohomish County, Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland, which may not suit potential customers outside these areas.
  • Dependence on the Team: Asset Roofing’s reputation and customer satisfaction highly depend on the team’s performance, meaning any fluctuation in team composition or performance could impact the quality of service.

Remember, the cons aren’t necessarily negatives but considerations for potential clients.

Asset Roofing has built a robust reputation around its strengths and has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy, and professional service provider in the roofing industry.

Asset Roofing’s proposition is simple: Honest Pricing. A consumer embarking on a major purchase is rarely at ease with unexpected, escalating costs.

Recognizing this commonality across the industry, Asset Roofing has developed an upfront pricing model that strives to dispel apprehensions.

Every project begins with a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs, followed by a well-rounded quote that the company promises to uphold.

While they don’t position themselves as the cheapest, their commitment to accurate, realistic bids and low overhead costs ensures they are never the priceiest.

Time is an invaluable asset. The team at Asset Roofing understands the disruptions caused by roof replacements or repairs. Therefore, they make punctuality and swift service their key differentiators.

A five-day project with Asset Roofing truly means five days, no more, no less. This commitment extends to their communication practices, with daily progress reports provided to ensure absolute transparency.

Accountability lies at the heart of Asset Roofing. They stand by their decisions and handle situations promptly and professionally in the face of unexpected issues.

Their holistic approach to roofing underscores this ethos. The team is trained to respect that their worksite is a customer’s home, and safety and cleanliness are given top priority.

Proof of their commitment is apparent in the unique implementation of a smoke-free job site, a dedicated team member for site cleanliness, and thorough cleaning routines at the end of each day.

Acknowledging that roofing is as much about protecting a cherished space as it is about technical excellence, Asset Roofing forges a deeper connection with its clients.

The company’s safety standards are uncompromising, as is their insurance coverage.

Ensuring the protection of clients from unforeseen accidents is of utmost importance. This safety concern, combined with their technical skill, helps maintain a comfortable environment while the roofing work is underway.

What truly sets Asset Roofing apart is its culture of encouragement and promotion.

The team, united by the mission to deliver high-level service over time, aims to provide an outstanding roofing experience rather than just a service.

The strong recommendations from their clients across various projects are a testament to Asset Roofing’s commitment, whether complete roof replacement in Edmonds, WA, cedar shake roof removal in Lake Sammamish, WA, or total removal, re-sheet, and roof replacement in Everett, WA, the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality work and upstanding conduct has remained consistent.

One of their clients from Everett, WA, who found themselves in a tight spot during their home-buying process, commended Asset Roofing’s flexibility, responsiveness, and interactive service.

Even on a short clock, the company delivered a high-quality roof at a fair price in time for the client to move in.

Despite various offerings and promises, Asset Roofing’s primary proposition is delivering peace of mind.

This is achieved through a unique blend of professional conduct, integrity, high-quality workmanship, and an empathetic understanding of a homeowner’s anxieties.

If you are looking for a roofing solution that promises and delivers quality, professionalism, and respect for your time and space, Asset Roofing is a noteworthy contender.

Among the variety of services that Asset Roofing provides, their metal roofing solutions stand out for their quality and efficiency.

Metal roofing, known for its longevity, durability, and energy efficiency, has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. With the rising trend of sustainable living, a metal roof’s eco-friendliness further adds to its appeal.

Choosing Asset Roofing for your metal roofing needs means benefiting from their commitment to honest pricing, punctuality, and excellent communication.

The company takes great pride in ensuring the quality of their work, adhering strictly to safety standards, and maintaining a clean job site – a testament to their respect for your home and its surroundings.

The Asset Roofing team’s expertise in metal roofing projects ensures not just a roof over your head but a sturdy, long-lasting structure that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Coupled with their daily progress updates, you stay informed and involved in the project, assuring complete satisfaction with the final result.

For potential customers considering a roofing update or replacement, the metal roofing services offered by Asset Roofing come highly recommended.

Their professional approach and focus on customer satisfaction guarantee a seamless and worthwhile experience.

For more specific information on their metal roofing options, it’s best to contact Asset Roofing directly to discuss your needs.