Best Paint for Rusty Galvanized Metal Roofs

Rusted galvanized metal roof is one of the most commonly used roofs nowadays due to its numerous benefits. However, painting such a roof and preventing it from corrosion is a tough task.

A galvanized metal roof needs some prior measures to be taken before applying the actual paint. Vinegar plays an important role as this needs to be applied before the final paint.

Vinegar contains such ingredients that deform the roof’s surface and prepare it for the paint to be done. Moreover, several popular brands are available in the market, claiming to be best for rusted galvanized metal roofs.

Thus, not all are the best.

A few of the top-ranked brands and best ones have been gathered for discussion to your ease in this article with their respective features, pros and cons. Stay tuned to keep reading this article until the end to learn about the best paint for rusted galvanized metal roofs.

Best Paints
Rust-Oleum-7797502 Check Price
Crown 7008 Brite Galvanize Coating 65% Zinc Rich Check Price
Dicor RP-IRC-1 CoolCoat Roof Coating Check Price

What to Consider When Choosing Paint for a Rusted Galvanized Metal Roof?

A rusted galvanized metal roof is unlike normal roofs, and this roof requires special attention when it comes to painting.

First, a vinegar coat is required before heading towards any paint.

Followed by the primer coat, which is enormously important as paint stays smoothly and for longer durations if a proper primer coat is done before paint and given complete time to get dry.

Afterward, paint should be done, which must contain the following features to have the best results;

  • Paint with the feature of anti-rust is a go-to product for you, as a rusted galvanized metal roof needs anti-rust paint greatly.
  • You should look for a protective finish in every sort of paint as this feature increases the life of the paint and does not let the need for repainting emerge quickly.
  • Durable paint that lasts many years should be preferred over cheap, less durable paint.
  • Weather friendly, many plants cannot deal with unexpected weather changes, which makes them unsuccessful. Users should go for the paint that can also deal with unexpected weather conditions.
  • Nowadays, users prefer to go for paint that is heat resistant and increases the cooling capacity of the room, and such cool coat paints are good to go for a cool environment.
  • Appearance matters a lot, and one should choose the paint that enhances the outlook of the house and gives more strength to the house’s appearance.
  • Budget: One needs to look at his/her budget before buying the paint.For high-income earners, the best paint list is different compared to the low-income earners’ list because of the different budget ranges of both respective income groups.

Our Top coating

Silicone flat roof coating is popular due to its exceptional features.

This roof coating is very environmentally friendly, contains features to remain protected from UV rays, does not allow water to stay for longer or damage the roof, and is heavily content in terms of base.

However, silicon flat roof coating attracts too much dirt due to the nature of silicone and becomes very slippery when it gets dry. However, American WeatherStar’s silicone flat roof coating is one of the top leaders in the market.

1. Rust-Oleum-7797502


Product specs: Rust-Oleum is one of the top brands in the market that provides the best paints for rusted galvanized metal roofs.

Rust-Oleum 7797502 contains ingredients that save the interior and exterior surfaces of the roof from weather or corrosion. Great appearance and look come out after applying this paint, which attracts the users most about this paint.

Moreover, it provides durable results that are chip-resistant and do not last for shorter periods but longer periods.

This paint weighs 2.64 pounds with the dimensions of 4.5 × 5 × 4.5 inches. Rust-Oleum is rust-resistant and contains oil content, making it semi-glossy and applied to interior and exterior roofing.

In addition, it requires 4 hours for smooth drying and better results and comes with 1 pack in a box.

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  • Provides exceptionally high-quality results
  • Durable paint with protective and corrosion-resistant features
  • Do not let UV rays affect the paint of the roof
  • Preferable for interior or exterior roofs
  • Does not allow rust to accumulate on the roof
  • Outstanding coverage
  • Prevents peeling or cracking of the roof
  • Stand out all sorts of weather conditions
  • Rust-Oleum is an expensive product
  • Takes 2 to 4 hours to get dry, which is quite high time


Product Specifications
Color Semi-Gloss White
Weight 2.65 pounds
Manufacturer Model 7797502
EAN Code 0200667797576
UPC Code 200667797576

2. Crown 7008 Brite Galvanize Coating 65% Zinc Rich


Product specs: As the name already suggests, Crown 7008 Brite Galvanize Coating 65% Zinc Rich is a product rich in zinc as it includes 65% zinc content, which is used for the long-term prevention of rust or corrosion from metal roofs.

In contrast, this coat makes the metal roof look fresh and new by restoring it to its original level. This coating paint works exactly according to the ASTM a780 standards.

This paint contains 65% zinc, best for preventing rust or corrosion, and provides results similar to hot dipped galvanized as it protects surfaces from rust or corrosion.

Along with meeting the standards of ASTM a780, it weighs only 1.1 pounds, which is conveniently light and contains 8 × 3 × 2.7 inches of dimensions.

Moreover, Crown is a spray paint mainly used for galvanized coating.

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  • Hard chemicals chromates, methylene chloride or fluorocarbons
  • Crown 7008 Brite is known for its durability
  • It has fantastic blending capacity and excellent hiding features as well
  • It has gotten excellent reviews from customers and is one of the favorite coating sprays of users
  • Make the final look very ravishing as the roof starts looking like old and new galvanized metal roof
  • Meets the standards set by ASTM a780
  • Only for exterior use, not for interior

3. Dicor RP-IRC-1 CoolCoat Roof Coating


Product specs: Dicor CoolCoat roof coating is a multi-featured product that contains ingredients that help restore the roof’s condition in much less time, as the drying time of this paint is less than other products available in the market.

Simultaneously, a Dicor CoolCoat contains some interesting ingredients, such as microcells, specialists in decreasing heat transfer, sometimes known as heat flux.

The cool coat is a name given to this paint due to the specific reason that it reduces the need for air conditioning.

It weighs 12 pounds, is quite heavyweight, and contains dimensions of 1.24 × 1.09 × 1.09 inches. Dicor is recommended for Ceramic surfaces because the cool coat is only suitable for interior metal roofs.

In contrast, Dicor’s customer service department has made it easy for many customers to reach out in case of any issue, which added more value to Dicor’s products.

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  • It cooldowns the temperature of the area where the cool coat gets done
  • Restores the old condition of the roof and makes it free from rust and corrosion
  • Works as a heat-resistant
  • Enhances the appearance of the house or the building where applied
  • Easy to apply, without any big hassles
  • A heavyweight gallon of 12 pounds
  • More suitable for rubber roofs rather than a metal roof

How We Chose the Best Paint Brands

Several factors contribute to choosing the best paint brand for your rusted galvanized metal roof.

Below is an overview of some of the factors that should be considered while choosing the best paint;

  • Being budget-friendly, this one is important as being best does not always mean being expensive; being best for the upper class is not the same as being best for the middle class, so knowing your budget before considering any paint is very important.
  • Paint, which should improve the cooling capacity of the roof, seems to be one of the best paints, as the roof needs to cool down and should eliminate the heating factor to the extent possible.
  • Durable paint that remains for years and does not require frequent coatings is preferable.
  • Quality paint, paint that comes with high quality and fabulous smooth results, is considered to be the best among all.
  • Great appearance, a paint that enhances the outer look of your house is the best to go for
  • Protective paint should protect the roof from all sorts of weather changes, expected or unexpected, to become one of the best paints.
  • Rust or corrosion-free roof is the dream of every person. Nowadays, such paints are available in the market as anti-rust or anti-corrosion, counted as the best paints.

How do you paint a rusted galvanized metal roof?

Rust can stay on a metal roof even if you have coated your roof again, so paying attention to this matter is important before painting the roof.

Proper conditioning of the roof should be done before painting. Otherwise, rust will come again and crack down the paint very soon.

A rusted galvanized metal roof should be prepared for paint in the following ways;

  • Clear out all the rust with the help of the specialist wire brush and wash away the roof to ensure all the rust goes away. Wait for around 24 hours before moving towards the next step.
  • Apply to etch Primer coat and make the surface smooth enough to accept paint coating.
  • Apply the water primer for more smoothness and let the paint stay longer on the metal roof.

In this way, a rusted roof can be prepared for the painting as all the rust needs to be removed, and primer coatings are important for making the surface smooth and sticky so that it accepts the paint in a manner that makes the metal roof look beautiful and new rather than flaky or scratchy.


Finding the Best paint for a rusted galvanized metal roof is not an issue anymore.

The article above has illustrated the best options available in the market, such as Rust-Oleum, Crown, and Doric cool coal paints, top brands available in the market and specifically designed to paint metal roofs with rust.

However, the metal roof must be prepared before applying any paint, remove rust, and wash the roof properly. Once the roof gets dried, primers should be applied to prepare the roof for painting.

These measures are necessary for avoiding the flaky texture of paint and for successful results.

Thus, budget-friendly, weather-friendly, high-quality, and durable paint should remain the preference of the users along with the one that brings a good appearance and enhances the house’s beauty through the elegant-looking roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint over rusted galvanized metal?

No, a rusted galvanized metal roof cannot be painted directly; some measures must be taken before applying paint.

Measures include blowing away rust with a wire brush, washing of roof properly, and letting it dry for around 24 hours, after which primers should be applied to smooth the surface of the metal roof and ready for paint.

How do you remove rust from a galvanized roof?

A wire brush is used for this purpose, which helps remove rust from the roof and make it clean. Thus, water pressure is required afterward to remove the rust from the roof completely.

Washing the roof with heavy water pressure and then letting it dry for around 24 hours will make it rust-free.