Best Roof Coatings for Asphalt Shingles (Comprehensive Review)

A roof is designed to withstand extreme weather fluctuations and temperature changes.

Owing to the protection that roofs perform, it is important to coat them with a high-quality sealant to prevent the roof from leaks and degradation.

However, choosing the best roof coating for asphalt shingles may be trickier than some homeowners think.

Although roofs are designed to bear extreme weather conditions, daily exposure to sunlight, rain, or snow can eventually lead to roof degradation, irrespective of its toughness.

In the case of extreme damage, leaks in the roof may occur and may even create the need for a roof replacement.

By filling these gaps and leakages with roof sealants, homeowners can ensure the long life of their roofs, along with protection for a long-lasting roof surface.

So, how can we choose the best roof coating for asphalt shingles? Let us find out.

Best Roof Coatings for Asphalt Shingles
L R Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant
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Gorilla Waterproof Clear Patch and Seal Liquid Sealant
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AMES MSS1 Maximum Stretch Roof Coating
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Black Jack 6190 Roof and Foundation Liquid Asphalt Coating
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Ultra Siliconized Acrylic Elastomeric Reflective Roof Coating
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Things to Consider Before Buying Roof Sealant for Asphalt Shingles

To protect a roof from damage and wear and tear, it is important to use a roof sealant that would form a protective barrier over the roof.

The purpose of a roof sealant is to seal cracks, breaks, and gaps in and around the damaged areas of the roof.

Additionally, a good roof sealant can fix any leaks that cause roof damage in the first place and can come in handy in cases of new roof installations.

A suitable roof sealant must be resistant to water. Otherwise, water may leak down the roof, causing damage to the attic or rooms below.

A good roof sealant must also be easy to apply, and it is important to choose the right type of sealant for application; tape sealant is the easiest to use.

Paint sealant is easy to abuse in the form of white spray sealants, are more compact, and are easy to use on small surfaces.

Other than this, it is important to choose an expensive, high-quality adhesive that can endure wear and tear, as opposed to cheap and low-quality adhesives, which are not durable and can reduce the lifespan of a roof.

A. Classes of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular and widely used roof shingles due to their ability to withstand weather extremities and moisture.

Additionally, they are easy to install and repair and do not need to be maintained regularly.

These asphalt shingles are not costly and have a longer life than other types of material for roof shingles.

Asphalt shingles comprise a mixture of granules, asphalt, fiberglass, and release film.

Making the right choice for coating these roof shingles may seem tough, so we have compiled the three most common types of asphalt shingles.

1. Strip Shingles

The most basic forms of shingles are strip shingles, also known as 3-tab asphalt shingles, made from a single layer of asphalt cut into strips.

Strip shingles are lightweight due to their strip shape and are, therefore, affordable.

Generally, strip shingles have a lifetime of 18-20 years and are a reliable and long-lasting choice for asphalt shingles if you want to add durability to your roof.

However, one downside of strip shingles is that they have a limited aesthetic option and can blow off more easily and quickly than other types of coating.

2. Dimensional Shingles

Also known as laminate or architectural shingles, dimensional shingles are the most common types of asphalt shingles for rooftops.

They are given a thick, multi-dimensional look during manufacturing and are designed to replicate natural slate.

This can lend an additional aesthetic appeal to your roof, durability, and the double layers of asphalt.

A drawback of dimensional shingles is their weight, which is heavier than strip shingles due to their multiple layers and can add more weight to the roof.

However, dimensional shingles come with a 30-year warranty from the manufacturer and have a lifespan of up to 30 years with adequate attic ventilation and roof installation.

3. Luxury Shingles

More commonly known as premium shingles, luxury shingles are asphalt shingles of the highest quality among the different types of roof shingles.

These laminated asphalt shingles stand out because of their appearance and functionality and provide ultimate protection to your shelters from heat and temperature exposure.

Luxury shingles are dimensional, fully functional, and come in various and are the most durable of the different types of asphalt shingles.

A significant advantage of luxury shingles is that they provide extra strength against impact and tears. In addition, they are cast for up to 20-30 years and are attractive to give a beautiful look to your home.

However, luxury shingles are heavy–almost double the importance – and costly due to their extra strength.

B. Impact Resistance

Another factor that must be considered when choosing a sealant for an asphalt roof shingle is its resistance to impact.

The shingles, specially made to resist impact, are engineered products designed to withstand the impact effects and rainwater.

Impact-resistant shingles are essentially Class 4 shingles manufactured with a specialized formula called Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) or rubberized asphalt, which can withstand the impact of hail much more effectively.

When hail hits a roof shingle, it can cause tiny tears or cracks in the shingle body.

If not repaired, the shingle may tear in places, causing moisture to leak through it.

In addition, the impact caused by hail can dislodge the protective layer of the roof shingle, causing damage to the asphalt underneath.r

To make a roof shingle more impact-resistant, manufacturers mix the SBS mixture with the normal shingle to form a rubbery shingle that is more durable and can withstand more significant impact than traditional coated shingles.

C. Algae Resistance

Algae can grow on any roof surface, but it is most commonly seen on damp or warm feelings.

Therefore, if your roof is wet or shady, choosing a shingle sealant that is resistant to algae and does not allow algae to grow at any spot is preferable.

Algae can grow on the limestone granules found in the asphalt shingles, and as the algae slowly spread on the limestone, the shingle becomes weak and starts to disintegrate.

With time, algae can combine with fungus to produce lichen, a more advanced life form. The growth of lichen, in turn, makes it difficult to remove from the roof’s surface, leading to moss development.

A solution to the growth of top on the roof shingles is to use algae-resistant roof shingles sealant.

Although roof experts have designed safe methods to remove algae stains from the roof, the treatments can be expensive.

This is why the algae-resistant roof shingles are designed unique, special, non-toxic formula that prevents algae from growing and damaging the roof’s surface.

D. Sustainability

When choosing a sealant for roof shingles, most people prefer affordable and easy material on the pocket.

However, this often overlooks the ability or sustainability of the bond for roof shingles.

In addition, the roof shingle sealant must not be made up of unsafe materials such as copper or zinc, as these materials are susceptible to damage and collapse. In addition, they are toxic to the environment and the ecosystem.

Another factor in choosing a sustainable roof sealant is maintenance and weight.

If you select a sustainable choice like green roof coating, you should remember that it needs proper support from the roof structure.

Moreover, if the layer is too heavy and collapses on the wall or column. In addition, the roofing sealant must not be heavy as they are also expensive to maintain.

Our Top Picks

Sealants for asphalt roof shingles come in a variety of materials.

Still, the ideal material used as a sealant should have some water-proof abilities and should not dry out or flake away easily.

To make a choice of bonds for asphalt shingles easy, we have compiled a list of top adhesives for asphalt roof shingles.

1. L R Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant


Flexible and durable: The final membrane of the coating has more than 1000% elongation that helps in secure adhesion
UV Stable: Prevents sunlight from damaging the covering product
Protective finish: Provides coating for a wide array of surfaces such as metal roofs, slopes, planter boxes, sheds, foundations, basements, wood, metal, concrete, and so on.
Vol: Provides comprehensive coverage for vertical surfaces; 1 gallon is required for 30 sq. ft by applying 3-4 heavy layers to get a 30-mil membrane.
Covers flat/ponding surfaces: 1 gallon is required to cover 15 sq ft by applying 4-5 heavy coats to get an 80-mil membrane
System It can be used as a bulletproof system on bridge joints, vents, seams, gaps, and protrusions.
Environmentally friendly: Since the L R Liquid Rubber sealant is water-based, it contains no solvents or harmful odors.
Friendly Safe for humans and pets and can be used indoors and outdoors without special breathing apparatus.
protect Protects the surface against UV rays, salt, and thermal cycling
Apply It is easy to apply due to its liquid nature and eBay to roll on the roof shingle surface.

L R Liquid Rubber Waterproof sealant is a liquid rubber and water-based alternative to solvent-based sealants that can be applied as a coating to any surface to protect it from water and damage.

Owing to its ability to adhesion to any surface, it is considered the most universal sealant and protector.

In addition, when applied, Liquid Rubber produces a chemical waterproof coating that prevents aging and cracking.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Adheres easily to surfaces
  • Stops moisture from seeping in
  • It can be used on various surfaces, such as exhaust pipes, basements, and cage roofs
  • Tends to dry out
  • Expensive
  • Needs to be re-applied every year
  • Needs a primer before application

2. Gorilla Waterproof Clear Patch and Seal Liquid Sealant


Use for Flexible and rubberized coating that seals out water, air, and moisture, preventing leaks and breaks in the roof
Apply Easy to apply with the help of a brush, roll, or trowel. After application, the formula levels by itself and covers small gaps and cracks for a watertight seal
resistant UV-resistant: long-lasting finish with lasting repairs that protects the surface of the roof from harmful UV rays
Paintable The liquid coating works with both latex and oil-based paints
Also, Used for It can cover various surfaces, such as PVC pipes, windows, RVs, DIY projects, etc.
Coat It can be coated on metal, aluminum, brick, tile, and glass
Formula Although the formula tends to peel off easily, it can be applied to protect the roof surface from damage, temperature changes, and wear and tear.
Special Design The formula is designed to form a rubber seal to block moisture and water penetration.
DIYers The formula is ideal for covering small cracks and breaks in the roof shingles.

Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Liquid Sealant is a rubberized coating that seals out water, moisture, and air.

After application, the formula levels by itself and covers small cracks, racks, and seals, forming a watertight seal.

This seal liquid is temperature and UV-resistant, making it an ideal choice for roof shingle sealant.

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  • Easy to apply
  • Temperature and UV-resistant
  • It can be painted on surfaces
  • Forms a rubber seal that blocks out moisture
  • Tends to peel off
  • Expensive and costly
  • Attracts dust and dirt
  • Turns yellow after a few days

3. AMES MSS1 Maximum Stretch Roof Coating


Made of Made of acrylic and rubber, the rubberized coating of the AMES MSS1 delivers a sealing with 650% elongation while resisting cracking and peeling.
Cost Effective The bright white surface of the acrylic sealant reflects about 88% light while reducing surface temperature, leading to low cooling costs.
Sticks Sticks easily to a metal roof, tar, and rolled roof
Use Has multiple uses, such as RV roof sealant, rubber roofing material, and waterproof sealant
Design The acrylic sealant is designed especially for low-slope roof maintenance and does not chip off easily.
Formula The formula comprises 25% rubber and 75% acrylic and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Ready Ready to use and does not require any mixing
Dry Dries rapidly to take the form of a watertight membrane that has 750% elasticity and expands with the roof surface.
surfaces It can be applied on surfaces such as roofs, metal, and other surfaces.

A white and elastomeric rubberized roof coating, AMES MSS1 Maximum Stretch Roof Coating is a sealant with a high elongation percentage that resists cracking and peeling.

The coating is ideal for roofing surfaces and forms a water-resistant layer that dispels water and moisture.

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  • Easy to apply
  • UV-resistant and forms a cool layer
  • Does not need to be mixed during preparation
  • It is flexible even in extreme temperatures
  • Tends to be difficult to roll on the roof surface

4. Black Jack 6190 Roof and Foundation Liquid Asphalt Coating


Provide Comes in a 4.75-gallon container and is an asphalt-emulsion water-based coating for roof surfaces
Friendly It is odorless and solvent-free, making it eco-friendly
Use It can be used for roofing applications such as re-surfacing, water-proofing, and sealing.
Apply It can be applied even on damp surfaces and easily sticks to it
Dry The coating takes 1 or 2 days to dry completely and can be applied even at high temperatures.
Results Gives a wide coverage of 60 sqft per gallon and renews worn-out surfaces to give it a new look
Also, Use It can be used on masonry surfaces in addition to roof shingles as well

Black Jack 6190 Liquid Asphalt Coating is a liquid-applied coating for asphalt roofs.

Designed to seal worn-out roof surfaces, the coating of Black Jack 6190 is waterproof and protects the underground wood and metal surfaces.

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  • Forms a seal easily to protect the surface underneath
  • Does not have any odor and is solvent-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Has a thick consistency that makes it difficult to roll on roof surfaces
  • Not suitable for wooden surfaces

5. Ultra Siliconizer Acrylic Elastomeric Reflective Roof Coating


Finish Has an ultra-white finish that forms a protective coating that repels water
Primer Sticks easily to roof surfaces without the need for a primer
Dry Dries quickly and about half in time to similar products for quick and effective installation
Cost Effective Has the ability to lower the interior temperature and reflects 78% of the sunlight, leading to reduced heat and temperature regulation for surfaces underneath
Protective Has been silicone-modified to deliver a thick, weather and water-resistant seal on roof surfaces. Additionally, the thick coating of the sealant does not crack or peel off easily, even under severe weather conditions.
Apply The ultra-white finish changes color when applied and forms algae and mildew-resistant film
Resistance The formula has been silicone-modified to resist cracks and breaks and gives a wide coverage of 50 sqft per gallon.

Ultra Siliconizer Acrylic Elastomeric Reflective Coating is 100% acrylic silicone for coating roofs and walls.

Featuring amazing adhesive properties, this acrylic coating delivers a thick, high-performance, weather-resistant seal that is ideal for asphalt roof shingles.

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  • Affordable
  • Has an ultra-smooth finish for easy coating
  • The coating does not peel off easily
  • Weather and temperature-resistant
  • Requires multiple coats for full coverage



The roof of a house is designed to provide maximum protection against temperature and water. Applying a coating or sealant to protect the surface underneath is important to ensure the roof shingles remain dry and do not leak.

Although choosing the best roof coating for asphalt shingles may be a tough task, it can be made easy owing to the large variety of sealant varieties available in the market.

Nevertheless, choosing the right sealant for roof shingles is important to provide protection, durability, and long-lasting strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you seal asphalt shingles?

You can use a roof sealant for asphalt shingles to repair leaks and damages.

Although it might not be a permanent solution, it can still last for years and can extend the use and effectiveness of a roof surface for a long time.

Can you put a roof coating on the shingles?

A roof coating can be applied on shingles as either paint or sprays.

A coating on roof shingles can give a new appearance to the roof surface and reflect the sun’s rays, protecting the surface from temperature and UV rays.

This, in turn, reduces the chances of roof damage and water penetration.

What type of sealant is ideal for shingle roof repair?

To increase the life of a roof, it is recommended to use a sealant that reflects heat and UV rays while protecting the roof surface from water leaks.

Two ideal sealants for roof repair are silicone and urethane, commonly used on roof surfaces, and deliver more excellent protection and strength than other types of sealants.